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Night had fallen on Nome and the dogs were resting asleep. Katie was still in the vetinarian, resting on the floor besides Jonathan and Kodi, who were in their respective hospital beds. They were sleeping just fine when Katie started to move about. Kodi slowly opened his eyes to see Katie running in her sleep. Kodi saw no problem in this and went directly back to sleep, needing all he could get for his full recovery after his scrap with Johnny. Not too long after that though, Katie began to subconsciously run more violently, as well as yelp and pant. Katie's squirming this time woke up both Kodi as well as Jonathan. They both looked down at Katie and then looked at each other.
"I think she's having a nightmare," said Jonathan.
"Should we try to wake her?" asked Kodi. Right then, Katie yelped loudly.
"I think so," replied Jonathan.
"Well you go down there and try," responded Kodi. "You already know that I can't do much of anything right now with how bad my body is right now."
"Well okay," said Jonathan. He then jumped off of his bed and went to where Katie was.
"Wake up sis," said Jonathan. "Things are going to be alright," Katie was unresponsive and continued to quiver in her sleep.
"Didn't try hard enough," responded Jonathan's brain. Jonathan then though that maybe he should speak louder to Katie. That didn't work either, as he was almost yelling without any response from Katie.
"Crap," muttered Jonathan. "I'm going to have to shake her to wake her up, aren't I." Jonathan the then put his paws on Katie's side and began to shake her, which was difficult, considering Katie's violent shaking.
"Meanwhile in Katie's dream, she was running as fast as she could run away from two dogs. However, one of the dogs had knocked her down and put his paws on her, managing to do so even with Katie's squirming. Then came the other dog who then approached her from behind. Right then, Katie felt as if the world was shaking to her. Then suddenly, everything blacked out for a second.
Meanwhile Jonathan was still shaking Katie in an attempt to wake her up. Suddenly, Katie opened her eyes quickly and began to pant in exhaustion from her nightmare. Jonathan the put her paws off of Katie to make sure she didn't have any thoughts.
"," panted Katie.
"It's alright now," assured Jonathan. Katie then looked up and saw her half-brother Jonathan, smiling.
"Thank God," said Katie. "That nightmare was scary as hell,"
"So what happened?" inquired Jonathan.
"Remember your fight with Johnny?" asked Katie.
"Of course," said Jonathan.
"I think he wanted to rrra, to rrra," Katie was starting to brake down at the word that always seemed to do it to her.
"There there," comforted Jonathan.
"He and Steele, they were both trying to," said Katie, who was.
"It was only a dream," reassured Jonathan.
"I know," said Katie. "I just don't want to go through what Dad did to me a year ago again."
"And you can than both me and Kodi for that," said Jonathan.
"He's right,: thought Katie. "If it wan't for Kodi, I wouldn't have been able to escape Johnny the first time, and if it wan't for Jonathan, neither of them, including Kodi would've been able to at least made it back to Nome."
"Geez, I think I'll have to thank you again for my life and thank Kodi in the morning," said Katie, who had stopped crying.
"Okay then," said Jonathan. He then jumped back onto his bed and waited for Katie to fall asleep before he did so himself.
The sun rose on Nome, as most of the dogs were waking up. Katie was still asleep, but instead of her running with panic in her sleep, she was curled in ball, with a slight smile on her face. Jonathan and Kodi were already awake and talking about the night's events.
"So what was up with Katie last night?" inquired Kodi.
"Oh, she was having a nightmare about Steele and Johnny," answered Johnathan.
"What was happening?" asked Kodi.
"The same thing that got her here," replied Jonathan. Kodi thought for a second before he got what Jonathan meant.
"Woah," said Kodi. "The incidents must've affected her."
Right then Katie, woke up.
"Good morning guys," greeted Katie.
"Good morning," responded both Jonathan and Kodi.
"How'd you sleep?" inquired Jonathan.
"Fine, right after my nightmare," responded Katie.
"Glad to hear that," replied Jonathan.
"I'm going to be heading to the other dogs now," said Katie. "But first..." She then went up to Kodi's bed and licked him on the cheek.
"...thank you Kodi for saving my life," thanked Katie. Kodi blushed slightly in embarassment before asking, "How did I save your life?"
"If it wasn't for you," explained Katie."I wouldn't have been able to escape Johhny and find Jonathan."
"Oh, I see," responded Kodi.
"Well bye guys," said Katie."I'll see you later."
"Bye," said both Kodi and Jonathan as Katie left.
KAtie has a nightmare about two peculiar dogs.

Kodi & Steele (C) Universal Studios
Jonathan &Johnny (C) :iconjonathan432:
Katie (C) :iconk9rasart:
Jonathan432 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
I like this chapter and I can't wait unit you post Chapter 10 of this series of stories.
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